Basic Information

Nationality Colombian
Language English, Spanish
Age 28
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Hair Length Long
Height 162 cm
weight 52 kg
Cup Size 32C cup
Body Type Operated
Sexuality Heterosexual
Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour 1,200,000.00 COP 1,200,000.00 COP
2 Hours 2,400,000.00 COP 2,400,000.00 COP
3 Hours 3,600,000.00 COP 3,600,000.00 COP
4 Hours 4,800,000.00 COP 4,800,000.00 COP
Extra Hour 600,000.00 COP 600,000.00 COP
Overnight (10 Hours) 12,000,000.00 COP 12,000,000.00 COP
Overnight plus (Negotiable) Negotiable Negotiable

Basic Services

Additional Services

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Details about Escort

Alison, a vibrant and captivating woman, embodies the charm of Medellin. From the moment you meet her, she radiates warmth that instantly puts you at ease. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she adds an extra layer of allure, making her a great companion for those who appreciate intellectual stimulation.


At 40 years old, Alison possesses an ageless beauty that is intriguing and captivating. Her tastefully done breast operation enhances her feminine silhouette without overshadowing her natural beauty. With grace and elegance, she exudes self-confidence.


Beyond her physical attributes, what sets Alison apart is her ability to connect on a deeper level. Despite being heterosexual, she possesses an innate understanding of the human heart, making her equally enjoyable company for men and women. As a lover, her passionate nature creates an emotionally fulfilling and physically satisfying experience.


In the time spent with Alison, you’ll discover a woman of many talents. Her zest for life is infectious, and her laughter is like music to the soul. She knows how to truly live and love, making every moment spent with her a cherished memory.


Whether you seek a travel companion, confidante, or lover, Alison will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. With her radiant smile, engaging conversation, and passionate nature, she is the perfect companion for any occasion.

Latest Reviews


She was splendid. I truly enjoyed her company during my short term stay in Medellin. She was very talented and the encounter was amazing. She's is very highly ranked out of all the women i've been with and Im 40 plus years old.