Gabriela Helena

Basic Information

Category Nassau
Nationality Venezuelan
Language Spanish
Age 22
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Hair Length Long
Height 165 cm
weight 48 kg
Cup Size 32B Cup
Body Type Operated
Sexuality Bisexual
Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour $300 $300
2 Hours $600 $600
3 Hours $900 $900
4 Hours $1200 $1200
Extra Hour $200 $200
Overnight (10 Hours) $1800 $1800
Overnight plus (Negotiable) Negotiable Negotiable

Basic Services

Additional Services

No additional services found.

Details about Escort

Introducing our captivating ebony companion, a true vision of beauty that leaves a lasting impression. With her commanding presence, magnetic personality, and an open mind, she effortlessly embodies the qualities that define an outstanding companion. Her appeal goes beyond physical attributes; it is her unique blend of elegance, confidence, and versatility that sets her apart.


Standing tall, she commands attention even in the most crowded rooms. Her height, a noticeable trait, adds to her striking appearance, but it’s her charismatic attitude that truly captivates. She carries herself with grace and poise that can only come from a deep sense of self-assurance, making her an inspiring figure.


Not one to be confined by traditional standards, our ebony companion is known for her open-minded approach to life and work. This openness allows her to embrace a variety of roles with ease. She’s not just an escort; she’s a chameleon, adapting to the desires of each client while still maintaining her unique essence.


Her open-mindedness also extends to her interactions with people. She values diversity, appreciates different perspectives, and thrives in environments that encourage learning and growth. This makes her not just a pleasure to work with, but also a source of inspiration for those around her.


But what truly sets our ebony companion apart is her unwavering dedication to her craft. She understands that being a companion is more than just looking good; it’s about embodying a character. She approaches each client with professionalism and commitment, ensuring she delivers nothing but the best experience.


Booking an appointment with our ebony companion is more than just securing a professional for your needs. It’s about inviting a dedicated, passionate, and inspiring individual to contribute to your happiness.


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i enjoyed her company